The Latest Gaming Monitors In 2017

At some point in time, you must have heard a person complain about the tools and other stuff for the bad work he or she did. Though, the problem actually lies in the talent or skills of the person. In the world of gaming, the same cannot hold true. Gaming gears play a key role in enhancing the performance of a gamer. Suppose 1080p or 4k gaming monitors were not there then playing fast-paced games or RTS would never be this great fun. According to the type of monitor you use for gaming can impact your interest towards the video game.

When one plays without the right effect and screen resolution, it creates stress in the eyes of the video game player. To avoid landing in such situation, every regular gamer must have the latest monitor in their home to play the game. Some people religiously invest money in buying the latest games and consoles. Such people also invest on gaming gears to have the best experience while playing a video game. We are talking about that passion, which no doubt, deserves the latest hi-tech gaming monitor in the market. To sort out the process of choosing the right gaming monitor we have created a list of top selections from the market.

The first in our list is ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q which is a monitor with excellent refresh rate and incredible color reproduction properties. It has an IPS screen, G-Sync facility, negligible input lag and an adjustable stand. It is a slight pricey monitor, but it is completely worth it. We tried to find out some faults, but with least success in it. There is hardly anything mentionable to complain. It has a resolution of 2560X1440 which is quite impressing for gamers. Next in our list is ACER XB270HU, with superb color reproduction and resolution.

A 144Hz refresh rate on this monitor makes it a worth product purchase. However, many buyers reviewed it as a very expensive product relative to its design. This monitor also has G-sync enabled. It allows you to play the video game smoothly and at a higher response rate. Third, on our list, we again have a product from ASUS that is VG278HV. The height of this monitor is adjustable. It has a refresh rate of 144Hz. Many users didn’t like its image quality but considered it worth the purchase because of the low price.

It is a great deal for price-sensitive gamers. Other specifications are considerable in this product and products from ASUS are very sturdy. All in all, one can think of buying it due to the resolution benefits it has got. There are many other products in the market. We created a list of top three of them you can think about. There is no harm in reviewing as many products as you can. Different gamers have a different choice of specifications. Accordingly, the right choice or the best product can differ from gamer to gamer. You can also go for monitors from DELL and AOS as they too have the desired gaming properties.

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