Why Do Fireworks Result In Injuries?


It’s time to get together with friends and family to enjoy the barbecues and plan for backyard parties. Watching fireworks is an integral part of all celebrations. These days, there are many online fireworks store that sells fireworks online. Unfortunately, not always fireworks are fun. It is estimated that more than 8600 injuries happen due to fireworks. More than sixty percent of the injuries that happen are for children under fifteen years. If you are not sure about bursting crackers on your own, you can visit some of the public display of fireworks. Visit the link to know where displays are happening near you http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/bonfire-night-and-fireworks-2016-10392652 .

There are many types of fireworks that can be bought. Some are legal I some states and some are not allowed. You ned to understand which ones can be lighted din your state or community. Fireworks such as rockets can sometimes be very harmful as they can fly into someone’s home or body and cause terrible injuries. They are capable of exploding where they land so, bursting rockets should be done with extra care. Sparklers may look less harmful. But if they come to contact with clothes or flammable materials, they may be equally dangerous. Crackers can sometimes explode near your face and cause severe disabilities such as deafness.

Young children don’t move very fast. They lack physical coordination that is required for enjoying the fireworks. Parents do not understand this and do not supervise the children who are bursting crackers. This is not a good idea. Crackers can reach up to 2000 degrees of temperatures. This is hot enough to melt metals like gold and cause severe burn injuries. Because of different colors or the way they burst, children can easily get attracted to it. This also increases their chances of getting injured as they tend to get near the fireworks because they look interesting.

Conducting self-experiments is also one reason for injuries. For example, creating your own fireworks and trying to create something new out of the many fireworks available can be quite dangerous. This can result in terrible consequences for everyone. While handling the duds which are crackers that did not burst, do not touch them. Use water to soak them and then clear them up. Sometimes, the dud crackers can explode later at an unexpected time which can result in injuries as well. Unpredictable explosions are the main reason for injury.

You can follow some safety precautions such as using fireworks only in an open place. If children are lighting the fireworks, an adult has to be present for guiding them. Do not allow children to handle any fireworks alone. Make sure that the fireworks are as far away from the body as possible. Keep fireworks stored in a safe place and make sure that fire sparks do not come in contact with the place where the fireworks are stored. Keep a bucket of water and a garden hose ready in case of any accidents.

With proper care, fireworks can be a great thing to enjoy with your family.

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