The Russiagate ‘Scandal’ and Media’s Shaming of the Unvaccinated with Glenn Greenwald | 9/17/21

The Russiagate ‘Scandal’ and Media’s Shaming of the Unvaccinated with Glenn Greenwald | 9/17/21

Megyn Kelly is joined by co-founder of “The Intercept”, author of “Securing Democracy”, and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Glenn Greenwald, to discuss the new proof that the ‘Russiagate’ scandal targeting Donald Trump was created by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the unprecedented migrant problem in Texas, the drone ban placed on journalists trying to cover the surge, General Mark Milley’s defense of calls to China as ‘perfectly within the scope of the job’, Don Lemon’s pubic shunning of unvaccinated Americans, Anna Wintour’s crusade to make the Met Gala even more exclusive and insufferable, Meghan and Harry’s airbrushed Time Magazine cover (and life), and more.

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